Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Garden Aromas


 (Picture Credit - Pennington com)

Garden aromas


Yet taken for granted

Amongst a spiritual haven

Of sacred trees

Resplendently coloured flowers

And glorious grass.


Aromas of blossoms and dew,

Cut savannahs

Rain and drought

Foxes and cats.

Doggy Paradise

Where they can sniff

And scuffle,

Dreaming of truffle.


A Summer retreat

You cannot beat,

Better for a pond

To strengthen that bond.

Just sit or stroll

And soak it all in.

There is plenty of time.

You can only win.


Paul Butters


© PB 25\5\2021.

Thursday, 13 May 2021


(Picture Credit - Deposit Photos)

Blinded by the Sun.

My eyes scream in pain.

But then they ease

And as I soak up the scene

My spirit lifts.


All is brightly lit

In glorious sunshine.

Lush green foliage

Reflecting those golden rays

Provoking images

Of sunny beaches

Swaying palms

On remote tropical isles.


Under the dome of a hazy light-blue sky

Bedecked with fluffy fair-weather clouds

We bask in the sun, sun, sun.


What more can you ask for

On a balmy summer day?

Well, maybe a cool pint of ale.



Paul Butters


© PB 13\5\2021.

Monday, 10 May 2021



(Picture Credit - Justia's Verdict - Shutterstock)

Scientists say that everyone dies,

Having a set lifespan,

With the only possible exception being

Some unique jellyfish

Who regenerate like Doctor Who.


Yet religious folk claim

We will have eternal life

So long as we believe

In Their God (whoever).


So who can we believe?

Are any of them right

At all?


Is death the same for all?

The same for a man or woman

As for a blade of grass or withering rose?

The same for all men and women?

For humans and animals alike?


Have we been told the truth

About this and other matters?

The questions go on:

Conundrums whirling around our minds

As we inwardly crave Salvation.


All we have now,

To cling on to,

Is good old Hope.

Faith has no certainty

For me.

I never kidded myself

About that.

There’s only Hope, Hope,



Paul Butters


© PB 10\5\2021.

Saturday, 8 May 2021



  (Picture Credit - New York Times)

The sea sweeps to the far horizon:

Infinity’s edge,

As endless waves lap onto the shore.

Above us gulls wheel and scream

Hunting for prosaic fish and chips.

They snatch them

From hapless humans

Down below.


And the breakers keep breaking.

Elsewhere the ocean rages,

Storming the cliffs

With spraying cascades of water

And thrashing rain.


Here today, though, it is calm and clear.

Up above we see an even greater ocean:

That of blue sky

And nightly black space.


Up there we truly look

To infinity

Eternity too.


Beyond our comprehension.


We people are but tiny specks

On island beaches

Insignificant particles

Of humanity

Lost in a universe

That knows no bounds.

Yet here to enjoy

Those golden dawns and dusks,

Fanned by freshening breezes –

Much gentler versions of gales and hurricanes.


Never forget that the sea is mighty.

Just love it

When it’s in a peaceful mood:

Soak up the spirit of surf

As you watch those endless waves.


Paul Butters


© PB 8\5\2021.

Saturday, 20 March 2021

First Dogs


(Picture Credit - New York Times com)

 Over thirty thousand years ago a pregnant she-wolf

And her mate lay hidden in the grass

Watching some of our human ancestors

Hunt with spears, bows and arrows.

They were very impressed

But more than that so hungry

That they followed those humans home

Hoping to steal some meat.


They were just about to snatch that food

When a humans appeared

All around them.

They were caught!

All they could do was look up with pleading eyes:

“Please don’t kill us! We just want food.”

Seeing one of them was heavily pregnant

Those humans presumed them starving

And threw them meat

Then let them go!


Hungry again, they went back for more

And the humans fed them

And even stroked them.

This was so much better

Than having to search for prey

So often without reward.


And as time passed they took to accompanying these humans

On their hunts

Then ferreting out some prey for them to shoot

Rounding animals up

And retrieving those shot down by arrows.


Soon the rest of their pack joined them

And the female wolf had her pups

Near the human camp

Where it was safe.

She taught her pups

To plead for food and care

With their eyes and whines.


Those wolves remained forever,

Generation after generation

Each litter getting cuter

And softer

And more loving

Towards mankind.


And so they evolved

Into a seemingly endless variety

Of “Dogs”.

From Rottweilers to tiny Poodles,

German Shepherds and Collies to Chihuahuas.

They became known as “Man’s Best Friend”,

Showing us unconditional Love

And loyalty:

A bond like no other.

Even evolving raised eyebrows

And deeply sad eyes

To attract our love and care.

Domesticating themselves

Yet begging the question

Who is really “the master”?

My money is on



Paul Butters


© PB 20\3\2021.


Inspired by a TV documentary by Chris Packham.

Thursday, 18 March 2021


 (Picture Credit - Conserve Energy Future com)

Shapely steaming trees make clouds of their own:

Raining daily on the rainforest.

Rumbling jungles serenaded by a clich├ęd cacophony of birdsong.


I love all trees wherever they are:

Pinewoods in temperate zones,

Palms on tropical isles,

Ancient oaks full of magic.


See breeze kissed canopies high in the sky,

Forests deep in mysterious gloom.

Let Attenborough portray the rest.

Tarzan and Robin Hood to reign forever.

Keep your axes and saws away.

Let’s plant as many trees as we can

And watch them grow.


Paul Butters


© PB 18\3\2021.

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Leeds United On The Attack

(Picture Credit - Financial Times (surprisingly))

Leeds United on the attack

No sign of holding back

No matter what the score

We keep knocking on that door


Slicing through opposing lines

Creating chances many times

We really should score many more

That would bring us to the fore


Bamford bangs them in of course

Making us a formidable force

Get those shooting boots on, one and all

Let’s get past that defensive wall


Raphinha brings Brazilian magic

His silky skills are so fantastic

Kalvin runs the midfield show

Gives our team a rapid flow


Bielsa’s brain and dedication

Provides us with a firm foundation

He has us marking man for man

Keeping to the pressing plan


People hated us in the past

Now they love us, no more typecast

Strange to be so often praised

Enjoying having our profile raised


So here’s to Leeds, our beloved team

Hoping soon to be the cream

Keep going you men in white

Aiming for a future bright


Paul Butters


© PB 10\3\2021.